The Wanderer


Do you see me?

I am not just a face in the crowd, but a child just roaming around lost, who is trying to find my soul in this broken world that I temporarily call my home;

How I long to be in your courts where I find myself with reproach, I am free, I am me, I am the one you created me to be;

Never a question or a doubt that you called me out of darkness and into the light that brightens my days on most dark and dreary nights;

I lose myself between here and there, I hear strange voices everywhere, though I cannot find you anywhere;

Oh! I can’t breathe, I feel no air as I try to catch myself from falling between past and the present times, but no one hears my cries;

Amazing grace, a wretched soul am I, your love is the only one that abides deep within the depths of my heart;

I will keep you there, the keys are safe.  No one is allowed to look and see;

I am the Wanderer, walking this path alone, until the one whom I love calls me home.



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