The “F” Word


It is a word that most of us are afraid to utter.  You think about it, question it and at the end of day, we just file it away under “resentment.”  We wrestle within our hearts about the words or action that was said or done to us.  Instinctively, we make the vow to never forget.  The question remains, can we truly forgive?

The act of forgiveness is a hard pill to swallow.  The moment we choose to exonerate a person, we are letting go of hurt and bitterness.  Are we so consumed with “self” to see past beyond our pain? We say, “I was the one who was offended?” “But what about me and my feelings?” Jesus himself even talked about forgiveness when Peter asked how many times should he forgive his brother or sister.  This is what the Lord replied:

21 At that point Peter got up the nerve to ask, “Master, how many times do I forgive a brother or sister who hurts me? Seven?” 22 Jesus replied, “Seven! Hardly. Try seventy times seven. (Matt. 18-22 MSG)

Believe me my friend, it is easier said than done.  I consider myself a good person.  Ask any of my family members or friends and they will tell you that I have a big heart.  But, when it came to the area of forgiveness, I had an internal battle.  It was waging inside of me because I couldn’t seem to let go of the pain and hurts of the past.  Time and time again, people in my life would advise me that I needed to “let it go”.  But, what did they know? No one had a clue what I was going through.  If I had truly forgiven my offenders, then why was I still going through the emotions? I was clearly missing the mark on something.  The entrapment became a burden, which lead to a hardened heart.  It took me many years to unravel the damage that entangled my heart.

What I have learned is that when you truly forgive, you are allowing God access to the innermost part of your heart, your emotions.  He can then begin the healing process that will lead you to immeasurable peace.  You will have a different outlook and take on a whole new perspective.  I have witness the power of forgiveness in my life.  I understand that the less clout I give in to something, the less control it has over the matters of my heart.



“If you sense that there is still un-forgiveness in your heart towards someone who you feel has hurt you in any way, give it to God.  I promise you that it will be the best decision you ever made!”

Also, if you have story that you would like to share that can perhaps inspire others, please feel free to comment below!

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