I Like To Live In America!

To date, nearly four million immigrants live among us in the United States. They work, raise families and live their lives like any other ordinary citizen. Truth be told, these immigrants are undocumented and illegally calling America their home. However, in an unprecedented move by President Barack Obama, he will grant amnesty to the immigrants under the newly reformed immigration law.

Republicans on Capitol Hill are not too happy with the President’s executive order, which he is set to publicly address tonight from Washington. The question still remains if illegal immigrants should be permitted to remain in the United States and not face the possibility of deportation. Advocates for immigration are applauding the President on his bold move after years of protesting and calling on Congress to take action. According to news reports, Obama’s plan will not include offering medical benefits to children born to the refugees. In the New York Times article, “Obama’s Immigration Plan Could Shield Four Million,” Senator Jess Sessions, a Republican who is against extending benefits to undocumented immigrants is quoted as stating, “It is plain that President Obama has no authority to grant lawful status to those declared unlawful by the duly passed laws of the United States.”


I am a law-abiding American citizen, and I try to uphold to the laws that were set in place long ago. If we break those rules, there are always consequences. The Declaration of Independence grants me certain inalienable rights that I have benefited from along with countless other U.S. citizens. More, importantly, what is the message we are sending to others who are still trying to enter this country illegally? The laws were set in place for a reason, in fact, it serves to protect us. If anyone enters this country illegally, then you automatically have lost the privileges of these constitutional rights. How can we be expected to protect the nearly four million souls without compromising the very principles of our laws? It is a heavy burden to bear. Unfortunately, Congress has waited too long to resolve this matter, as a result, it has forced the President to make a swift decision. The President’s ruling will change the course of immigration laws and will have an impact that we may not simply recover from.

We are all in pursuit of the “American dream,” and I am not against anyone who wants to migrate here and aspire to accomplish their goals. Albert Einstein once said You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

It seems to me that America just got “played.”

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